Yorktown Doesn’t Need Do-Nothing Politicians Like Gilbert

Rama Iyengar’s letter to the editor (“Gilbert’s Record of Accomplishments Merits His Return in Yorktown,” Oct. 12-18) touting Ilan Gilbert’s “record” is an embarrassing attempt to mislead Yorktown voters. Here’s some of the things Yorktown voters should know about the failed tenure of Ilan Gilbert:

  • Gilbert takes credit for “obtaining” $875,000 for Hilltop Hanover from Westchester County but neglects to state that Hilltop Hanover is a county property. Gilbert did not obtain anything for the farm.
  • Gilbert takes credit for an additional $3 million of revenue from Entergy but the town never negotiated or obtained funding from Entergy, the company that ran Indian Point.
  • Gilbert takes credit for searching for vendors for the Granite Knolls solar canopy project and brazenly takes credit for the associated revenue, all of which happened when he was voted out of office.  

Yes, Ilan Gilbert has served this town but lost his re-election attempt because he does not deliver on anything he says. He left the courthouse a mess and is so desperate to find something to take credit for as supervisor he is resorting to smoke and mirrors and stealing credit for other people’s accomplishments.

We are facing extremely challenging times. Our national economy is imploding, which has a direct impact on us here in Yorktown. We don’t need more do-nothing politicians like we have in Washington and Albany. We don’t need Ilan Gilbert.

Marianne Violante


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