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Working Out At Home Amidst Coronavirus

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By Karen Ireton with Donna Berta, Club Fit Briarcliff Fitness Director
We may not need a gym membership to stay fit, but it definitely helps. You have a selection of the latest and best equipment, guidance of certified instructors and trainers, a wide range of classes at your disposal, and especially, camaraderie to help motivate you.
Despite that, it absolutely is possible to at least maintain a rudimentary routine when you can’t get to the gym. And now is that time. At-home exercise will also provide a welcome distraction right now. You can involve the whole family, and help keep the kids entertained. Physical activity will help boost your mood, relieve tension, and burn off restless energy. Plus, exercise is a proven immune-system booster<>.
The best moves to do at home are body-weight exercises. They require no equipment, and can be done in a limited amount of space.
Examples of body-weight moves include:
  *  Planks (Including straight arm, forearm, and side planks.)
  *  Push-ups (Including wall or incline pushups. Both of these are better options for modified push-ups than the kneeling variety, as they allow you to maintain proper form.)
  *  Jumping jacks (This old gym-class standby is an excellent HIIT move!)
  *  Mountain climbers (In plank position, alternate bringing each knee towards your chest. Can be done at whatever pace works for you. At a fast speed, this is an intense move.)
  *  Squats (Another gym-class staple, Make sure your knees do not extend beyond your toes!)
  *  Glute bridges (Lying on your back, bend your knees and bring your ankles as close to your glutes as possible. Grab your ankles and lift your bottom. As high as you can. Hold and repeat.)
  *  Tricep dips (can be done using a chair or even the side of your bed)
  *  Lunges (Including reverse and side lunges. Stand next to a bed our counter and place one hand on the surface if you need added stability.)
  *  Running / jogging (in place, or if you have the space, run outside around the perimeter of your house)
  *  High knees (Like running in place but, as the name implies, lifting your knees as high as you can.)
  *  Butt-kicks (Again running in place, but kick your heels up behind you and try to kick your own booty. Kids especially will get a “kick” out of this!)
  *  Jump rope (Can be done even without a jump rope, which makes it save even for those of us who tend to be clumsy.)
You can easily incorporate these moves into your day. Exercise will not only provide welcome distraction, but you will feel better if you get up and move!

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