Westchester, Putnam Should Reject New Voting Machines From State

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It is unbelievable that the New York State Board of Elections would approve a new machine for us to vote on that is a touchscreen machine. However, this was not a unanimous vote for ExpressVote XL.

For over 10 years we have voted using an optical scan/paper ballot machine that we as voters mark and place in a tallying machine ourselves. Then we observe that the paper ballot is dropped into a metal storage box. It is easy to vote and we know that our paper ballot can be recounted manually, if necessary, at a later date.

We have heard about all the problems that states have encountered with voting on computers and that many have determined to change to a paper ballot system that we have in New York.

So why would we abandon a good system for one that is more complicated, more expensive and less transparent? I would encourage Westchester and Putnam counties as well as others in the state to say NO to the new ExpressVote XL machine and continue to use the optical scan/paper ballot machine for voting in elections.

Please make sure your voices are heard by your county and state legislators so we can stop this voting machine change in its tracks and protect us as voters and the security of our individual votes. In this case, simple voting is best.

Sandy Galef

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