We’ll Have to Learn How to Survive Climate Change Regardless of Cause

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Regarding Patrick Mosman’s letter “There Has Always Been Climate Change; it’s Mother Nature at Work,” January 3-9, he is correct – climate is global and is not constant, it changes and always has. 

That, however, does NOT preclude that changes have begun due to human activities. I won’t go into the arguments here, any more than I would outline arguments for the existence of gravity. Done! Closed! Proved! You are entitled to your own opinion, but NOT your own facts.

Anyway, does it really matter? Humans will still have to learn how to survive rising seas, extreme temperatures, huge and dangerous storms, dwindling biodiversity. I, too, find the future scary and painful and difficult to accept. But I am an adult, I deal with the facts and live accordingly. We all must prepare, and live what is actually happening.

Rearranging deck chairs while the ship is going down is not an answer. 

Jeb Stuart-Bullock

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