Vandalism Continues to Drag on in Southeast

In response to recent and persistent vandalism, the Town of Southeast is making arrangements to place lights and cameras in certain spots around town in hopes of minimizing the damage.

Since Supervisor Tony Hay has been in his current position, the town has had to spend $5,000 each year to replace town property destroyed by vandals, he said. The property includes water fountains, bathroom doors, benches, toilets and other various town assets.

During a Sept. 12 board meeting, Hay was critical of those vandalizing property, and noted the money spent replacing the ruined estate could go to other areas within the town. Now faced with little choice, Hay wants to put in place preventative measure in order to squash the ongoing issue.

“Puts the lights on, cameras rolling, we might be able to catch someone,” Hay said. “And hopefully when they get into the courts, not only do they get fined but they give them community service and they can start help cleaning up the mess they created.

When asked, Hay was uncertain how much the money the cameras and motion sensitive lights would cost or where exactly the equipment would go.

“Whether you’re a wealthy community or a poor community vandalism is a cost that’s an unnecessary cost,” Hay said.


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