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Valley Concessions Serving Nathan’s Hot Dogs, Jefferson Valley

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Shrub Oak resident Neil Browne opened his Nathan’s hot dog cart in the food court area of the Jefferson Valley Mall on March 19.
Photo credit: Neal Rentz

Shrub Oak resident Neil Browne opened Valley Concessions Serving Nathan’s Hot Dogs in the food court area of the Jefferson Valley Mall on March 19.

It is not the first business he has owned.

Browne said last week he formerly owned a coffee shop in the state Supreme Court Courthouse in Manhattan.

Browne explained why he chose to own a hot dog cart. “It’s a lot easier,” he said. “Customers like hot dogs. They can relate to it and with a brand name like Nathan’s their nostalgia kicks in.”

He described why Nathan’s is a popular hot dog. “Nathan’s has got a distinctive recipe to it and a distinctive taste to it that people relate to,” he said, noting what sets Nathan’s dogs apart from the completion is their flavor and spices.

Browne explained he first boils the hot dogs before roasting them on a grill. The seared franks snap when someone bites into one of his hot dogs, he said.

He offers a variety of toppings for his dogs including ketchup, mustard, onions, chili, sauerkraut and cheese at his quick service kiosk. “The most popular in the area now is just a hot dog with mustard and sauerkraut,” he said.

Browne also offers French Fries cooked in an air fryer. The fries can be ordered with chili and cheese. “Our bacon cheddar fries are a big hit with the younger people,” Browne said.

Customers can also order a veggie taco bowl, which consists of nacho tortilla chips, vegetables, chili and cheese. “People love it,” he said.

In the near future Nathan’s menu will be expanded to include Hershey’s ice cream, Browne said.

Browne said business “is slowly starting to pick up. As the summer months come through it’s going to be great.”

“Summer and a hot dog and ice cold lemonade, it’s great,” Browne remarked.

Browne said most of his customers live in the Yorktown and Cortlandt areas. He said he want to expand his Nathan’s business. “The goal for the business is actually to be a full-blown Nathan’s” that would be a permanent space in the food court, he said.

Valley Concessions Serving Nathan’s Hot Dogs is located in the foot court area on the second floor of the Jefferson Valley Mall, 650 Lee Blvd.

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