Use of the Courts to Help Decide Elections Sets Bad Precedent

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Elections must be decided by the voters, not the courts.

It has become a worrying trend in the past elections to run to the courts or rejigger the election laws if one’s candidate does not win. Claims of voter suppression, election interference and/or fraud have been rampant.

It is impossible to achieve equity in elections. I did not say “equality” because we have achieved equality in elections a long time ago.

There are many more different demographics than there are electable positions. Not every demographic can be satisfied. In addition, certain districts will not elect a certain demographic of a candidate, no matter how much the election laws are adjusted.

If you want your candidate to be elected, then go out and work harder for him, her or whatever pronoun they choose to use. Using the courts to have YOUR candidate win sets a bad precedent. When the other party gets to power, they will change the laws to guarantee their candidates win.

Voter verification IS NOT voter suppression. It is a check that only those that are entitled to vote get to vote. In spite of what some people say, anybody can get an ID.

Christopher Malek
Cortland Manor

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