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Trailside Café, Yorktown

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Pleasantville resident Jill Carney is the manager of Trailside Café in Yorktown.

Those looking for healthier alternatives to typical breakfasts and lunches can visit Trailside Café in Yorktown.

“Our main focus is the juices and the smoothies. We’re trying to implement and encourage customers to eat a healthier diet,” Trailside Café manager Jill Carney of Pleasantville said recently.

There are seven types of juices sold, or customers can ask for their choice of fruits and vegetables. The menu also includes 10 kinds of smoothies, or patrons can make up their own.

Another signature item served at the restaurant are the Acai bowls, which feature frozen Acai, almond and coconut milks, bananas, blueberries, plus a choice of four additional toppings, Carney said. “They’re extremely popular now with the young crowd,” she said. “It’s like a really thick smoothie bowl.”

Trailside Café also offers gluten-free baked goods, coconut Chai pudding and yogurt, which are made at the eatery and are also gluten-free and organic, Carney noted, adding that she bakes many of the items offered at the eatery. The restaurant also offers sandwiches and wraps.

A specialty served in the cold weather months are Hale & Hardy brand soups. Ice cream may be offered when the weather warms up, Carney said.

While not everything on the menus is organic, “We do our best to buy as much as we can that’s organic as far as our fruits and vegetables go,” Carney said.

The Café’s all-day breakfast menu includes three varieties of frittatas, wraps and oatmeal bowls.

In addition, Trailside offers juice cleanses. A person drinks six vegetable and fruit juices a day to cleanse without food, Carney said. “It’s just a great way to flush out your system,” she said.

Though most of the Café’s customers reside in Yorktown, other patrons come from many other locales, Carney said. “Our busier season is in the spring and the summer and early fall” when the nearby bike path is used by bikers from around the area, Carney said. “That’s the purpose of calling it Trailside, we’re right near the North County Trailway,” she said.

Bikers who patronize the Café come from as far south as New York City, she noted.

Carney stressed Trailside Café offers choices not found at many other establishments elsewhere in the local area. “It’s definitely a healthier alternative to other delis and certainly to fast food,” she said.

Trailside Café is located at 1807 Commerce St. in Yorktown. For more information, call 914-302-7331 or visit trailside-café.com

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