Town of Greenburgh Seeking Vendors to Launch Second Farmers Market

A second farmers market could be coming to the Town of Greenburgh.

Town Supervisor Paul Feiner and Town Clerk Judith Beville are collaborating with the planning department to launch a farmers’ market at Greenburgh Town Hall. Feiner said it would provide residents who live in the Fairview section of town a chance to enjoy a market, socialize and purchase fresh produce.

But Feiner said this can’t happen unless there are enough famers and vendors to participate.

“Depending on the availability of farmers, this could happen on weekends (late in the afternoon or early evening) or on weekends,” Feiner said. “This farmers market, if established, will be the second farmers market sponsored by the Town of Greenburgh.”

The town has sponsored a farmers’ market on E. Hartsdale Avenue for the last 30 years.

Officials are currently reaching out to famers, vendors, and musical artists about setting up the potential market in the parking lot of Town Hall. Feiner requests all interested parties reach out to the town for more information. 

If any vendors or farmers who are interested in participating, contact Town Clerk Judith Beville at or Paul Feiner at You can call Beville at 914-989-1504 or Feiner at 914-989-1540.


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