Too Many Unanswered Questions to Support Somers Sewer District Vote

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If the Somers Town Board was worried about water quality why haven’t they fixed our water main problem in Shenorock so that we stop getting rust in our water?

We know it’s not about septics leaking into the lakes (the engineers have said it themselves in 2014 and 2019), because if it was the Department of Health would have been all over them and Lake Lincolndale would be unsuitable for swimming.

What is more disturbing is the underhandedness about the Lincoln Hall property and that our supervisor already knew of the plan to build 23 homes there under the current zoning. With sewers, many more homes may be built. The Lake Lincolndale Clubhouse was left off the Map, Plan & Report and we know the Lake Lincolndale Property Owners Association and Town Board members have been in cahoots regarding this entire project. 

Our issue is stormwater runoff, which has been in the town’s water quality studies for the last 11 years. If residents took the time to read the Map, Plan & Report they would understand why people are against this plan. It was poorly done with mistakes and it’s very expensive. Our flat fee of $1,187 a year is based on borrowing $16 million; this number would be more than $2,700 a year if the rest of the funding must also be borrowed. They purposely went with $1,187 to make it look reasonable. No project is ever completed on budget, and we don’t have any guarantees with this plan.  

Just remember, the Town Board tried to rush this project through last year with errors and costs based on residents’ assessments without looking out for us. How will they be trusted in the future?

The town is looking for property values to go up by people adding onto their homes. With that comes property tax increases. Homes don’t just go up in value because a sewer line comes down the street.

Vote No on Nov. 10.

Lori Jacobs
Concerned Shenorock Resident

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