Tom Luzio: Husband, Father, Leader, Lifelong Democrat

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I am Erica Van Patten and I am married to Tom Luzio, a Democrat candidate for mayor of Mount Kisco. I have lived in this town for almost 18 years. I started my teaching career in 2006 at West Patent Elementary School where I was a leave replacement for two years before eventually moving on to my current job as an elementary school English as a New Language (ENL) teacher in the Bronx.

While I worked in Mount Kisco, I coached my daughter’s soccer team in the fields next to the Saw Mill Club and taught Adult ESL in both an evening program at Mount Kisco Elementary School and Neighbor’s Link.

I first met my husband in 2009, and since that time, he has been involved in the Mount Kisco community as a parent and a community member. He taught a spin class at MAC and Saw Mill Club East. He has raised my daughter as one of his own and accompanied me to many of her lacrosse games and track and cross country meets, as well as the orchestra and rock ensemble concerts and all the various functions that revolve around having school-age children. At home, he is a supportive husband who insists on doing the dishes every night, an avid gardener, composter, a road cyclist and my partner in travel.

To know Tom is to love him, because he truly is that genuine and humble. He wears his heart on his sleeve and will infect those around him with his limitless positive energy. Maybe because he was born on the day JFK was inaugurated (he was briefly named John Fitzgerald Luzio, which his Sicilian father quickly shut down), he embodies the natural democratic leadership qualities needed to run this town. He is a person who listens, leads and makes decisions in the best interests of the many, not just the few.

Maybe because he has had a long career as a leader in public service, first in the FBI, then as an assistant district attorney and assistant attorney general, he has always had fair and balanced judgment, effectively listening and integrating both sides of an argument. He is an absolutely honest and authentic person that leads with infectious passion and integrity. He is the future leader that this town needs and who can unite people from all backgrounds.

I am truly blessed to have him as a partner and this town would be fortunate to have him as their mayor.

Erica Van Patten-Luzio
Mount Kisco

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