Time to Retire Schumer When He’s Up for Re-election in Two Years

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The 2020 New York Democratic primary has come to an end and progressives are poised to score some nice victories. Now is the time to begin preparing for the 2022 primaries! 

Target number one for progressives must be Chuck Schumer. He has been an embarrassment to New York progressives for years. Only 3 percent of his donations come from small donors. Over 70 percent come from big donors and another 20 percent come from PACs. He takes a lot of money from Wall Street, health insurance companies and lobbyists.

Meanwhile, New York has the greatest inequality in the nation. You cannot serve the interests of the working people of New York while also serving the interests of the rich and powerful. Their interests are diametrically opposed. Schumer has also been a lifelong war hawk, wasting money on endless war instead of uplifting working families in New York.

Luckily, the seat that Schumer currently occupies in the Senate will be up in 2022. We need a candidate who stands with working people, not Wall Street! We need to draft Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the Senate in 2022.

Ron Widelec

Rye Brook

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