Time for a Change in Mt. Kisco Leadership With Independent Candidates

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I was going to write that it was hard for me as a lifelong Democrat to vote for the independent candidates running in Mount Kisco this year, but it’s not.

The people running on the Democratic line have proven themselves to be the polar opposite of what they claim. They claim that they listen and invite “respectful, civil and open discussions,” yet they disrespect members of the public, treasured volunteers, even this fellow board member. They claim transparency, yet there is none. The independent candidates have been honest and forthright in everything they do.

There are no open discussions where residents are allowed to voice a different opinion or disagree. Work sessions are held without the ability of residents to speak. Dissenting votes are reported, but not the reason for the dissent. Minutes are devoid of comments of members of the public. They invite no civil discourse unless it is with people who agree. Decisions are made on the basis of limited filtered information. FOIL requests go unanswered. Requests for further discussion, input and recommendations from experts are dismissed and the requestor is treated with ridicule.

I have enjoyed conversations with our independent candidates. We do not always agree, but we listen to what the other person has to say and we discuss it. I have been on the Village Board with the deputy mayor for almost two years, and for the most part, this is not how it goes. My comments and input are generally treated with grimaces and disdain.

I urge you to take a close look at the candidates who are running this year; your future and the future of Mount Kisco depend on it. I have no doubt that I will support the Mount Kiso Village Inclusive Party candidates running in Mount Kisco this year.

Karen B. Schleimer
Village Trustee since December 2012
Democratic District Leader, District 5
Mount Kisco

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