There Are Less Expensive Alternatives for Somers Residents Than Sewers

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I have spoken with the engineering firm hired by the Town of Somers to create the new sewer district. They assured me that Westchester County does not allow the use of enhanced bio-microbic septic systems, except when the traditional septic systems have failed.

So, the sewer system expense has been deemed necessary by the town, which must mean our systems are failing. The enhanced septic systems are then a viable, relatively inexpensive and much less intrusive alternative solution, leaving more than enough from the $10 million in East of Hudson funds to dredge and aerate the lakes.

The enhanced septic systems go for $22,000 max, or half that with an existing healthy septic field. So, well over 250 homes adjacent to the lakes and tributaries could be updated for less than $5 million. The other half of the money could easily go to dredging and aerating.

We would need to get approval from the East of Hudson Water Quality Fund to dredge and aerate with the money they control for rehabilitation or replacement of septic systems.  

Jay Batchelor

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