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The Center for Health and Healing, Mt. Kisco

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In a fast-paced, overscheduled culture, Melanie Ryan and Andy Steigmeier provide solace away from it all. At The Center for Health and Healing in Mount Kisco, there’s the opportunity to meditate and to heal the mind and body thanks to a holistic approach that tackles a variety of common ailments.

Melanie Ryan and Andy Steigmeier established and operate the Center for Health and Healing in Mount Kisco.

The 3,300-square-foot facility is a place where people are “encouraged to go within,” Ryan said. Its central point is a large room for meditation, where clients leave their cell phones behind and soak up the energy that supports healing, she said.

There are several modestly decorated offices, providing what Ryan described as a “very quiet and peaceful” atmosphere. It’s where Ryan, a holistic psychotherapist, meditation teacher and Shamanic Reiki energy master, said clients can avail themselves of the unique healing that she and her husband provide.

“To be holistic means that our training and philosophical approach address the whole being of humans, that is, the interconnected relationship between the mind, body and energy system of each individual,” she said.

The center offer four types of services for individuals, families and groups, including body massage and therapies, energy and soul healing, health and wellness and mental health services.

In a society that is too often reliant on prescription medicines, Ryan said the center uses naturopathic and homeopathic solutions instead. Chinese herbs and other supplements are available for patients whose bodies have been adversely affected by diet. Migraine headaches, for example, are greatly reduced through craniosacral therapy and hypnotherapy sessions are available for patients looking to quit smoking, lose weight or cope with fears and phobias.

Patients suffering with chronic pain from sports injuries, fibromyalgia and pre- and post-surgery discomfort find much relief from Steigmeier’s positional therapy treatments, a gentle technique that addresses neuromuscular and muscular-skeletal disorder.

“In a series of sessions, we can greatly reduce or eliminate pain,” said Steigmeier, who is also a meditation teacher.

He explained that this “very gentle practice” addresses the pain’s root cause.

Central to the healing process is the practice of Reiki, a hands-on Japanese relaxation and healing technique that works with the body’s energy system to reduce stress and promote well-being.


Ryan said Reiki energy healing is suitable for children and adults, and has been successful in addressing ADHD and other learning disabilities in youngsters.

Other classes for children include Holistic Literacy and Mommy and Me meditation, with more scheduled for the upcoming months.

The center’s practitioners, including Ryan, use a variety of healing methods to promote wellness, such as Crystal Reiki and Shamanic Reiki, Chakra clearing, past-life regression, intuitive tarot and energy reading and Akashic records reading.

Ryan said all of the center’s practitioners are trained as energy healers in addition to their own specialties.

“Our practitioners have multiple gifts,” she said. “We wear many hats.”

The Center for Health and Healing is as much a learning and training facility as it is a place where patients can de-stress and find natural solutions to health issues. Workshops, classes and professional training sessions are provided by world-renowned master teachers and authors. The facility also collaborates with the Rhinebeck-based Westchester Buddhist Center to provide meditation sitting groups.

“A lot of our work involves educating and empowering people, giving them all the options from modern methods to ancient healing,” said Ryan.

The Center for Health and Healing is celebrating its first anniversary on Sunday, Feb. 12 with a free event from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information on this and other events and programs, call 914-864-0462 or visit It is located on the second floor at 4 Smith Ave. in Mount Kisco.







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