Tattered American Flags on Pleasantville’s Bedford Road Must Be Replaced

Have you seen the American flags displayed along Bedford Road in Pleasantville? If not, I invite you to please go and look at them. They are a disgrace! 

The American flag is not just a flag. It represents our nation and the millions of American soldiers who fought for this great country of ours – from Lexington and Concord to Afghanistan. These brave soldiers fought and died defending it. We do them a gross disservice in allowing these tattered and torn flags to remain in place.

Please request that they be replaced ASAP. If they cannot be replaced immediately, please respectfully remove them and allow the Marine Corps League to take them to be respectfully taken out of service.

Allowing these flags to remain in place is a black mark on Pleasantville and a disrespectful tribute to our veterans. I would hate to see these flags remain on the poles when Veterans Day comes on Nov. 11.

It would cost less than $2,000 to replace the flags and poles with new ones. Surely that is not asking too much.

Please don’t dishonor your veterans by keeping the flags up for Veterans Day.

God bless America.

Drew McFadden


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