Susan Rice Would Make the Best Choice for Joe Biden’s Running Mate

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On Feb. 13, 2019, I sent the attached letter to Ambassador Susan Rice.  I wrote the letter before the current environment and now, I think my point is more important.  I was impressed when I saw that Vice President Biden was seriously considering Susan Rice for vice president and that my letter speaks to why she would be his best choice. 

Dear Ambassador Rice:

I am putting my money where my mouth is. As I review the Democratic candidates for President, I am not utterly impressed or confident about any of them, although I wish them well. As I was pondering who reflects the skill set, experience, education, character, demeanor of a strong candidate, you came to mind. There were statements and recollections in my memory that prompted me to think of you. I read about you and I said to myself “what the hell I am going to reach out to her.” 

I know it is an arduous and brutal climb, but I think the other candidates are not of your caliber. I think that you could persevere. The pendulum could be swinging your way. Secretary Clinton fractured the ceiling. The contrast in intelligence, critical analysis, character, oratory, etc. between you and President Trump would be striking. You would be a magnificent correction to the direction in which our country has clumsily travelled and you would represent all that is possible.

I commend you for your service and success and I wish you well.

I would love to support you. 


Christopher Carthy
APSP Certified Building Professional
APSP Certified Service Professional
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