State Must Allow Municipal Boards the Flexibility to Meet Virtually

The spread of the Delta variant and reports of breakthrough infections have vaccinated and non-vaccinated people feeling nervous. For the non-vaccinated the risk of death or hospitalization is high.

Local governments, including Greenburgh, are doing what we can to encourage people to get vaccinated. Greenburgh started the VAXUP Westchester initiative months ago – a follow up to the nationally acclaimed Covid Angels program – helping people get vaccinated.

I have found that many people still do not take COVID-19 seriously. I attended an event sponsored by a private organization a few days ago that was held indoors. Only a few people out of a few hundred wore masks. No one asked anyone if they were vaccinated or not.

One way for the state and local governments to highlight the seriousness of the Delta variant would be to act differently. Over a month ago, the governor directed that Zoom meetings of municipal boards (town, city, village, school boards, planning and zoning boards and other advisory boards) be held live, not remotely.

I believe that the governor and/or state legislature should authorize local governments to continue Zoom meetings if they desire. Some board members might want to meet at the municipal buildings. Others might feel more comfortable meeting remotely via Zoom.

Many of our boards include volunteers – some of whom have medical issues. Allowing these board members to meet via Zoom would encourage their participation.

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor


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