Slater’s Performance at Local Level Would Translate Well to Albany

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Yorktown has benefited tremendously from the leadership of Matt Slater as our town supervisor, and we are very fortunate to have him. His stalwart, dogged determination, especially during the pandemic, gave us a comforting calm during an unprecedented fearful and chaotic time. The policies and procedures he instituted to protect our citizens and help those in need were lauded countywide and put Yorktown in the forefront of Westchester communities successfully battling COVID-19.

Matt’s experience in state matters was also an incredible help to our town from Day One, but it was his intelligence, vision and skillful ability to solve longstanding problems that were and remain most impressive. While I am sad to lose him as our supervisor, I know it is for the greater good in that he can thwart legislation at the ground level that would threaten our core values and wholesome way of life. 

I know Matt Slater will bring a strong and steady voice to Albany that unfortunately has been riddled with scandals, poor governance and constituency neglect. His unwavering determination, record of success and “real world” experience will make New York State a better place for everyone.

I know that I will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Matt is up there fighting for us – and for all of New York.   

Theresa McKenzie

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