Slater’s Bill to Protect Police, Citizens Over Criminals Must Be Applauded

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As a 20-year law enforcement veteran, president of the White Plains PBA and Yorktown resident, I want to thank Assemblyman Matt Slater for his No Parole for Cop Killers legislation, and continued support for law enforcement.

After reading a misguided criticism of Assemblyman Slater’s proposal published in the Aug. 15 edition of The Examiner, I was reminded why police officers have retired in record numbers these past few years and why police departments all over are struggling with recruitment. So-called “reformers” have pushed blatantly absurd policies such as cashless bail, Raise the Age and this year’s Clean Slate law, which seals the record of violent felons. These policies empower and protect criminals, they make our communities less safe and make it nearly impossible for police officers to do their jobs.

The author of this most recent letter has a history of advocating for these bad policies that put criminals ahead of victims, including in 2017 when she wrote a letter to the editor advocating to stop the families of victims from testifying at Parole Board hearings. Yet another example of empowering criminals, while leaving victims and their families feeling powerless!

Thankfully, we have a common-sense legislator like Assemblyman Slater who understands what is happening to our state. Yes, Assemblyman Slater is unapologetically supportive of law enforcement and these days that is rare in a member of the state legislature.

Assemblyman Slater was an accomplished town supervisor and is now bringing his experience and vision to Albany where we all know a dose of humility and common sense is so desperately needed. As a constituent, I am proud to have Assemblyman Slater representing me, protecting my family and speaking out against bad pro-criminal policies and government overreach in Albany.

Assemblyman Slater, thank you for the hard work you put in on a daily basis. You continue to prove why you were elected to the Assembly.

Brian Johnson
Yorktown Heights

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