Sharma, Stoker Bring Leadership, Communication and Financial Prowess

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The 22-person school board election activist group Every Single Student recruited Liz Goldman-Sider and Rica Mendes as its Bedford Board of Education candidates. The motivation behind their run is singular: the Every Single Student DEI manifesto, as stated on its Facebook page. In this manifesto, there is no specific discussion of budgeting, finance, facilities, communication or other key components needing board oversight that make a school district run, be successful and solvent. Furthermore, a vague DEI platform without specificity cannot be the only thing board candidates bring to the table.

As newcomers with little experience dealing with our schools, if these candidates truly seek to improve the educational outcomes of our children, should they not have at least a minimal understanding and baseline of this district’s current and past processes? Experience does matter, and we do not have time for them to catch up, considering our current $6.7 million deficit.

For the 17 years I have lived in this district and beginning with its first DEI policy enacted 20 years ago, from my viewpoint, our district has and continues to be a leader in striving to include diverse courseloads and programming for all our students, with the goal of making sure all students have a positive educational experience and are seen and heard. But this seems to not be enough for this group.

We need candidates that come with their own ideas based on deep and diverse experiences with the district. Strong leadership, communication and financial prowess is also critical. Thankfully, candidates Betsy Sharma and Kristine Stoker fit the bill, offering all the relevant skills and experience we need to make this district more successful.

Please join me in voting for Betsy and Kristine on Tuesday, May 16.

Chris Kramer

Pound Ridge

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