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Seventh Grade Student Has Solo Art Exhibit at Mt. Kisco Library

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Seventh-grader Eli Wald saw his art exhibit open on Friday at the Mount Kisco Public Library.
Seventh-grader Eli Wald saw his art exhibit open on Friday at the Mount Kisco Public Library.

Mount Kisco resident Eli Wald startled family members when he created his first drawing.

Wald was seven months old and his parents thought that he might injure himself with a pencil he had picked up.

Now a seventh-grader at Seven Bridges Middle School in Chappaqua, several of Wald’s drawings, stone carvings and paintings are on display through May 30 in the Quirky Dystopia exhibit at the Mount Kisco Public Library.

His age isn’t the only factor that sets Wald apart. When he was five years old Wald was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder which causes him to have repetitive involuntary body movements called tics. But it hasn’t set him back with his art work or much of anything else.

“My condition also contributes to my artistic, musical and athletic talents,” Wald said. Not only does he excel at art, Wald is a member of his school’s cross country, track and wrestling teams. He also plays cello in the school orchestra as well as the drums and the didgeridoo on his own.

“I’ve learned to control it,” Wald said of the physical challenges.

But it hasn’t been easy. Earlier this year he missed three months of school due to the medical condition. He was treated in several hospitals and has improved to the point where he is now taking a smaller dosage of medication.

Wald expresses himself partly through his artwork, which includes painting, stone carving and illustrations. He enjoys creating surrealistic and fantasy pieces. One of the artists who has influenced him most was the late Marc Chagall, known to use fantasy in his creations through a variety of mediums.

Wald owns a large collection of Native American sculptures, which inspired him to create his own stone carvings. Although only 12, he’s considering using his artistic talents when he reaches adulthood.

“I’d like to have a career in art if I can,” he said.

If that doesn’t materialize, Wald said he would consider becoming an architect.

Wald will celebrate his solo exhibition with family and friends at a private reception in honor of his Bar Mitzvah. As a mitzvah project, he is raising funds for the Tourette Syndrome Association.

Those interested in purchasing originals or prints from the exhibit, can contact Wald at or by calling 914-244-3856. Proceeds will be donated to the Tourette Syndrome Association. The public is also invited to make donations through the Tourette Syndrome Association’s fundraising page at



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