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Right-Wing Nationalism on Steroids Takes Center Stage — it’s a Horror Show.

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Civilians hold a military drill in the village of Siurte in western Ukraine (Photo credit SerhiiHudak/ Ukrinform via Getty Images)

I don’t know about you, but doubts regularly creep into my mind over my own views. 

If my bent is slightly different today than when I was younger and different from the shape it’ll take in older age, how much faith can I possibly assign to my current perspective?

If my opinions, like everyone’s opinions, are molded by coincidental factors like where I grew up, the sensibilities of my parents and grandparents, and, say, the last mood-tweaking song I overheard this morning, along with infinite other prejudicing factors, it seems reasonable to cast doubt on my own objectivity, if there is such a thing — which there isn’t — when analyzing this, that, or the other thing.

But, when it comes to politics, there is a general principle I apply to stress test my ideological starting point, and the test always reveals a durability in that starting point — one that gives that starting point a unique place in my thinking. A place that (unlike other views I hold) shows this particular view, in my mind, as abidingly correct, even true, as opposed to just another one of my flimsy opinions at risk of evolving tomorrow or next year, or next decade, or ever.

That view (and I’m not going out on any limbs here) says…

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