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Resident Should Not Have Access to Mount Pleasant’s E-mail List

We are part of The Trust Project

I gave my e-mail address to the Town of Mount Pleasant for their specific use and purpose to keep me informed, not to give away, sell or be used by anyone else for any reason.

Mr. James Russell’s attempted acquisition of this information is just another attack on our privacy, which is already being compromised six ways from Sunday with unwanted phone calls, mail, etc.

If he is in possession of information critical for the populace to know he can go to a Town Board meeting, take out an ad in your paper, do a mailing or avail himself of other means to disseminate such information.

His attempt to use my e-mail for his own purposes is an affront to privacy and I want him to cease and desist in his efforts to obtain this information from our town.

Susan M Cassone



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