Recreation Center Plan Moving Forward in Putnam Valley

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A plan to construct a recreation center in Putnam Valley is moving forward.

At their June 1 meeting the town board agreed to schedule a vote on June 8 to approve a $98,100 contract with Architectural Visions PLLC The firm would be responsible for architectural, mechanical, plumbing, lighting design, structural plans, as well as the design phase, construction drawings and construction observation.

Supervisor Sam Oliverio said last week the town received three bids. Liscum McCormack bid $286,000 and another bidder did not reply to the town. The money would come out of the Parks and Recreation fund that the town already has, Oliverio said.

Following last week’s meeting, Oliverio said the recreation center would be located next to the Town Park, which is located at 156 Oscawana Lake Rd.

Smoke free park

            The town board has scheduled a public hearing for June 15 on a plan to ban smoking in the Town Park.

If the law is enacted, it would go into effect on Oct. 2. Oliverio said Oct. 2 was chosen because there are upcoming events that are expected to draw both residents and non-residents to the park and the board does not want to punish those who do not live in Putnam Valley that would not be familiar with the law if it were enacted earlier.

The law is proposing $50 fine for those who smoke in Town Park.

Civil fees

The town board is considering imposing fines for such offences as illegal dumping and zoning violations.

While there would be no fines for “something done in all innocence,” the first “mindful violation” would carry a maximum $1,500 fine for various violations, a maximum $3,000 for the second violation and a fine of up to $5,000 for the third violation.

Illegal dumping would carry a fine of $50 per yard.

Oliverio said town judges will determine the fines based on the particular cases.

Councilman Steven Mackay called for a “90 day grace period” before putting the fines into place, a sentiment shared by Oliverio A public hearing on the proposed fines will be held in August.

Joint lakes commission

            Also at last week’s meeting, the town board agreed with a proposal from Oliverio to form a joint lakes commission, which would consider issues the individual lake communities have in common.

Oliverio said he wanted the new commission to be formed over the summer. A resolution was not needed to form the commission.

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