Raskyn is the Only Candidate to Be Trusted in PV Town Justice Race

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I write to urge all Putnam Valley voters to vote for Terry Raskyn to become our next town justice.

She is a compassionate, kind-hearted person who is dedicated to serving our community. She has served the Putnam Valley library for years as a board member and is currently president. Her ethics and financial responsibility are clear; the same cannot be said for her opponent.

Raskyn is running against Pat Longobucco, who appears to flout the rules, not just for judicial candidates, but also for attorneys.

His website asks for donations to his campaign, yet he has not met state law requirements to register a committee or file the required reports of contributors and expenses. When contributors donate, they receive a personal note from Pat, asking that if they ever need anything, don’t hesitate to call.

Knowing who your contributors are or how much they’ve given is a violation of judicial ethics rules – just one of several examples that demonstrate Longobucco is unable to follow either the law or ethics rules.

His finances are marred by federal income tax liens on his Putnam Valley home – owing more than $40,000 – the latest lien imposed by the IRS earlier this year. When a bank sued him for non-payment of a $17,000 credit card debt, Longobucco, an attorney, didn’t even show up in court to answer the lawsuit, resulting in a default judgment for Bank of America.

He’s relying on your vote, but Pat has yet to vote in Putnam Valley – ever. He registered to vote in town just prior to the 2019 election, first not registered in a party then changing to a Democrat. And he didn’t bother to vote in 2019. Immediately after the election, he switched his party registration to Republican.

If Pat Longobucco can’t handle his own finances or follow election rules, we can’t allow him to handle our town court’s money or pass judgment on others. There is only one choice in this election, and that is why I am pleased to vote for Terry Raskyn. I urge you to do the same.

Margaret Ploener
Putnam Valley

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