Protection of Pocantico Lake is Urgent for Future Generations

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As a 17-year-old who has lived in Briarcliff Manor my entire life, I love escaping into nature. Whenever life gets stressful, or when I want to exercise, or when I want to go and admire the wildlife that calls the lake and its surroundings home, Pocantico Lake is there for me.

Pocantico Lake is one of the few untouched places in our county. There aren’t many places where you can escape into your own natural oasis. That’s why I feel it is so important to preserve the lake. I love living in this area because of the places where nature is on display. 

The construction of 31 houses would destroy this bucolic feeling.

We have the opportunity to influence change, not just for ourselves but for future generations. They will never know what they missed, but we will. It’s up to us to ensure that Pocantico Lake is preserved for years to come. 

The decision to protect the lake should not be a challenging one. I remember my first time seeing the lake. I was in awe that such a beautiful space could be found in my town. I want others to be able to have this sense of joy when they first discover Pocantico Lake.

It’s time for the community to protect the lake that’s given so much to so many. 

Josh Linett
Briarcliff Manor 

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