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President Clinton Swears In New Castle Town Board

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Former President Bill Clinton addresses the crowd Tuesday night during the swearing in ceremony for New Castle Supervisor Rob Greenstein, councilwomen Lisa Katz and Ivy Pool and Town Justice Noah Sorkin. They were accompanied by the area’s other officials.

Former President Bill Clinton swore in New Castle town officials Tuesday night advising the community on the importance of working together and to avoid assuming the worst of their elected officials.

During the ceremonial event at the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center, Clinton administered the oaths of office to Supervisor Rob Greenstein, councilwomen Lisa Katz and Ivy Pool and Town Justice Noah Sorkin.

Clinton advised officials against getting bogged down by the job that they shortchange the importance of community. He added how vital it is to speak with people directly, especially before enacting regulations.

“Remember, in trying to do your best is that every day we wake up inside our heart there’s a scale, and on one scale there are weights that make us darker and on one side of the scale there are weights that make us lighter and the balance is slightly different every day,” Clinton said. “If you’re given the privilege of public service, put another rock on the light side every day, do your very best to help people believe that we are privileged to be alive at this time, filled with blessings, and we have an obligation to do better.”

He added that he was grateful to see people run for office, sharing an anecdote about the numerous candidates who have approached him asking him for his vote. He said some days may be difficult. The job can make officials want to be elsewhere but lauded them for choosing to be in public office, face criticism and work hard every day.

“I think we would be in way better shape today if we thought kindness was more authentic than seething resentment,” he said. “These people are here to serve you, not run your life, and they can’t do it unless you help.”

Greenstein, who was re-elected to a third term in November, said he is proud of what the Town Board has accomplished, including the advancement of sustainability, culture and the arts. He added that officials have built a more responsive government, and he looks forward to keeping New Castle a welcoming, prosperous and safe place to live.

“With the help of our greatest resource, our residents, we have made great strides in the areas of public safety, inclusion and diversity and public participation,” he said. “We will continue to be leaders with respect to the environment and we will continue to speak out about fairness, respect and tolerance, and most importantly, we will continue to put community and people ahead of partisanship.”

Katz, who led the efforts to develop the old Wallace Auditorium into the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center during her first term, said she would continue to work to transform the facility into a regional destination. She said she was honored receiving the community’s trust, and is committed to working harder and achieving more throughout her second term.

“Four years ago, you asked me to speak for our community and since then I have listened to residents and worked with all of my fellow board members in an open, positive and engaging manner,” she said. “I firmly believe that whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, an independent or unaffiliated, if you voted for me or not, we’re all in this together, bound by our collective dreams to make New Castle a stronger more vibrant and united community, not just for today but for our children’s futures.”

Pool, the newest Town Board member, said she felt compelled to run for public office following the 2016 presidential election seeing the need for “strong and qualified women in all levels of government.” Her focus throughout her term will be improving street safety and walkability, improving the emergency response planning and ensuring the downtown hamlets thrive.

“As much fun as it was to run and to win, I am now the most junior member of this Town Board and I’m working hard every day to demonstrate my worth to this board and to earn their trust and confidence in me,” Pool said. “I truly believe that it’s through consensus and collaboration that we can have a more effective town government in this town and I know that by working together we will do great things for this town.”

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