Potential Pleasantville Farmers Market Facelift

Peter Rogovin, the Chair of the Farmers Market Committee in Pleasantville, proposed moving the farmers market to the other end of Memorial Plaza to allow for more space.

The Pleasantville Farmers Market, which has undergone a face-lift over the past year, is considering moving to the other end of Memorial Plaza to allow for more space.

Community Markets, which runs the market and the Farmers Market Committee, met with the village board at last Monday’s work session to discuss their proposal.

“This is exploratory,” Peter Rogovin, chair of the Farmers Market Committee, said. “There are vendors who want more space and there are some food categories we’d love to have that are in other markets that we compete with.”

The Pleasantville Farmers Market is in constant competition with nearby farmer markets like ones in Chappaqua, Mt. Kisco, Armonk and Briarcliff to attract vendors and business.

“If people say that they go to this market because they have XYZ and we have the ability to sell XYZ,” Rogovin said. “We just don’t have the space for it.”

Rogovin said the plans are in the preliminary stage, and that there are logistics to work out with traffic and parking. Attendance at the farmer’s market has increased dramatically since an effort was done to make the market more user friendly. Rogovin estimates that by moving the market to the other end of Memorial Plaza, they’d have 10 percent more space.

Read more in the July 19 edition of The Examiner.


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