Police Blotter, September 14 – September 20, 2021, Print Edition

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Croton-on-Hudson Police Department

Aug. 30: 1:02 p.m. – Patrol responded to the area of Grand St. for a report of a suspicious package left on a resident’s property. The property, which was not a danger, was recovered and held for safekeeping.
Aug 31: 7:35 a.m. – Patrol responded to an area on Route 9 South for a report of a vehicle driving erratically (tailgating). The caller stated when she moved over the operator of the vehicle threw a water bottle at their car. The bottle did not hit her car and the vehicle went right at the split into Ossining. The area was canvassed with negative results.
Sept. 1: 10:30 p.m. – Patrol and Croton FD responded to an area on Dailey Drive for a report of water coming into their residence due to the drain being blocked by debris. The scene was handled by Croton FD.
Sept. 2: 8:23 a.m. – Patrols responded to an area of Quaker Bridge Rd. (Black Rock Park) for a report of heavy flooding condition. Patrol confirmed the condition and the area was later closed until further notice by the Village of Croton management.
Sept. 2: 5:11 p.m. – Patrol was notified by a Croton resident of a continued harassment situation in an area on Grand St. between juveniles. There were no reported injuries. Youth Officer to be notified.
Sept 4: 1:49 p.m. – Patrol was notified from a Croton resident that they received a phone call from someone stating they were from Con Edison and that they were coming over to the house in 30 minutes to shut the power off unless they paid them now. The unknown party had requested a credit card and had also tried to get the resident to give over other account information. After realizing it was a scam they called Con Edison and the account was in order. Presently they have had no financial loss.
Sept. 4: 9:02 p.m. -Patrol responded to an area on Arrowcrest Dr. for a noise complaint after receiving approximately 36 phone calls regarding professional grade fireworks being set off at a commercial establishment. The fireworks are rattling house windows and scaring their animals. NYSP called and indicated they received close to 100 calls regarding the same.

North Castle Police Department

Sept. 3: 2:12 a.m. – Caller from Oregon Road in Armonk reports he passed out and lost consciousness. Caller is unsure of what other events may have transpired. Call transferred to 60 Control.
Sept. 3: 9:03 a.m. – Caller reports his 80-year-old mother has fallen and is complaining of pain to her ribs and head. Injury party transferred to Northern Westchester Hospital.
Sept. 4: 10:57 a.m. – Suspicious incident reported on North Broadway in North White Plains. Caller reports his window is open and thinks someone tried to enter his residence. Officer assigned. Interior checks okay.
Sept. 4: 11:16 a.m. – Caller from Fisher Lane believes his vehicle was tampered with when parked in a commuter lot. Caller states vehicle may have electrical, water and wheel damage. Doesn’t think damage is storm related.
Sept. 4: 10:55 p.m. – Caller reports his neighbor was creating a disturbance outside the residence and when he asked him to be quiet he became irate and yelled at him.

Yorktown Police Department

Sept 8: 5 p.m. – Errol Forde III, 26, of Peekskill, was charged with driving 60 miles per hour in a 40 miles per hour zone on Route 202 near Elizabeth Road and operating a vehicle with suspended driving privileges.

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