Pocantico Lake Park 31-Home Subdivision Would Be a Mistake

As wildfires engulf communities, water sources run dry and haze reaches as far east as Westchester County, my peers and I are grappling with grief. It’s a grief built on concern for the natural spaces we love and feel powerless to protect.

In our 20s, as we make steps toward creating a future for ourselves and our friends, it’s a grief magnified by blurring visions of our loved ones being able to lead healthy lives – now and in the future.

When I heard about the potential real estate development on the shores of Pocantico Lake (“Proposed Subdivision at Pocantico Lake Park Would Degrade a County Jewel”), my heart sank. If even our beloved local parks are under threat, will any life-sustaining ecosystems be protected? I urge all of our elected officials, at all levels of government, to make forward-thinking choices and to protect the natural spaces your constituents cherish. This starts by demanding a full and complete environmental review of the proposed 31-home subdivision.

To my friends and neighbors, I urge you to take a walk or jog along the shore of Pocantico Lake sometime this week. Join me in efforts to protect this beautiful spot, for the health of Westchester residents and wildlife alike.

Charlotte Hill


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