Ploener Would Be a Fresh and Much-Needed Voice on Putnam Legislature

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Next week, we will vote for a new Putnam County legislator to represent District 2, which encompasses almost all of the Town of Putnam Valley. We MUST elect Maggie Ploener, a fresh and bold voice, to replace the incumbent, who has failed us.

Consider the seemingly endless road and bridge work on Peekskill Hollow Road and Oregon Corners. Finally – hopefully – it is coming to completion, after causing misery for many and imposing an added, unnecessary tax burden on our citizenry with a $6 million cost overrun on top of the original $12 million for a job that should have been finished years ago. Was it due to poor vetting of the contractor? Poor oversight by the county? Mismanagement on the part of the county and/or contractor? No one will admit the truth.

This is the largest infrastructure job in the incumbent’s district. Why hasn’t he been on top it from the beginning? Why hasn’t he kept us apprised of the situation for all these years? Where has he been – until his re-election campaign was looming?

And what about the quality of our ground and well water and lakes, which has declined precipitously over the nine years the incumbent has served? Lake Peekskill has been closed to swimming for all of 2023 due to unsafe water. Ask anyone in the Lake Peekskill or Lake Oscawana neighborhoods and they will tell you they have seen or heard little to nothing from our legislator. He hasn’t been very available, he’s not transparent (the entire county legislature is not transparent, holding many meetings behind closed doors) and he doesn’t seem to be very active in the community. Why hasn’t he taken the lead on this critical issue?

It is time for a change. The incumbent has had nine years. That’s enough. We need a representative who will stand up in the legislature and demand that it meets the essential needs of its residents and not ignore our lakes and our roads until election time.

The best way to ensure that will happen is to vote for Maggie Ploener! Maggie has tons of energy and great ideas. Her fresh voice will serve our district well.

Elect Maggie Ploener!

Elinor Burkett

Putnam Valley


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