Please Call Me Mr. Ambassador to Support Good Local Journalism

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The publisher of The Examiner recently appealed to readers to join the evolving world of media subscriptions and to subscribe to The Examiner.

Newspapers and journalism coexisted for a long time. In fact, I delivered newspapers on a bicycle when I was 12 years old. The institution of the newspaper, that paper that I receive every morning in a blue bag on my driveway, may be an endangered species, but journalism should not be endangered. It is impossible for working stiffs like me to follow and understand what is going on in this world first hand. I need to rely on a good source of information and maybe occasionally two sources of information. I need good journalism.

When I was a high school senior, I subscribed to The New York Times; it was delivered to my homeroom. (Can you imagine? That is like 20 years ago. Wait a minute, my arithmetic may be off.) I started a relationship with a newspaper that continues to this day. I have discovered in my adult life that some people dislike The New York Times. Okay, that’s fair, but I ask them “Where do you get your news?” Typically, they do not have a good answer, except for my brother, Phil. He dislikes The Times but he reads The Wall Street Journal every day.

My point is that unless you are getting your news from credible world-class journalism sites like The Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, etc., then you are not well-informed. If your source of news is from television, whether it is from Fox, CNN, MSNBC, they simply cannot invest the amount of time into reporting that print journalism provides. Also, many (most) of the commentators on television are not journalists, they are pundits, advocates, columnists and mostly entertainers. 

As the evolution of newspapers changes, we have to adapt in order to support journalism. Subscription to good online journalism is the next step. The end of the costly print and distribution of newspapers is in sight. I must admit that I am doing pretty well reading The New York Times on my phone when I do not have the hard copy.

Now I can support good local journalism by subscribing to The Examiner. I chose the ambassador level because I know a guy who spent a fortune on a presidential campaign to become an ambassador. I spent $99 in order to become an ambassador. What a deal.

Christopher Carthy

Publisher’s Note: We thank Mr. Carthy deeply for his incredibly kind and insightful words. While our print newspaper coverage can still be found for free on theexaminernews.com, we launched a new subscription-based digital publication (Examiner+) in October. Joining our Examiner+ digital newsmagazine community supports Examiner Media’s broader local journalism mission. To subscribe to Examiner+, an in-depth news and lifestyle newsmagazine, visit www.examiner-plus.com/subscribe. We are grateful to Mr. Carthy for selecting our $99 Ambassador membership option. There’s also a $5.99 monthly paid subscription option and a $49 annual subscription option being offered for $39 until Dec. 31.

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