Pete Rock to Perform in Las Vegas, October 2015

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pete-rockWestchester-based rapper Pete Rock will be performing at the Las Vegas Country Saloon on October 15th. He will be performing with fellow artist CL Smooth, a long-time associate whom he has been collaborating with since 1991.

Rock rose to fame with his first ever EP, All Souled Out, which he made with Smooth. His first major breakthrough was in 1987 with Marley Marl – a New York-based DJ who had a show called “In Control with Marley Marl” on WBLS radio. As a 17-year-old rapper, Rock was quickly recognized by hip hop fans as the man “puttin’ in work” since he regularly used double copies of each record to cut up the songs he played. The usual practice is that DJs would only use double copies on the 3rd or 4th song, but not Rock.

After a successful stint with Smooth, the two went their separate ways. Rock continued to perform solo, touring the world. Aside from his affiliation with Smooth, he has also performed with some of the most notable artists in the industry including Gang Starr, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, and Stetasonic among others.

Rock’s greatest contribution to music was the synthesis of jazz and hip hop, which paved the way to a new genre that is now known as jazz rap. This fusion garnered a lot of respect as a producer, and is often mentioned as one of the legends of the 90s East Coast hip hop scene.

Apart from his performance in Las Vegas on October, Rock is scheduled to perform on September at the B.B. King Blues Club and Grill, which is located in New York.

Musical performances have always been a crucial part of the Las Vegas experience, especially now that online gaming is taking the world by storm with its convenience and attractive gimmicks. Betfair, one of the biggest gaming providers in the world, not only gives 24/7 entertainment to guests but huge deposit bonuses as well – things that not all land-based casinos in the world can offer. And while physical establishments can’t compete with convenience and bonuses, they’re offsetting them with live musical performances and stage acts, which are things that online gaming providers can’t easily give to their patrons.

Pete Rock is just one of many hip hop greats to be performing in Las Vegas in the coming months. So, if you want to experience the bright lights of Sin City, right now is probably as good a time as ever.

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