Peekskill Museum to Present Program on the History of Indian Point

The Peekskill Museum will present an informative and entertaining program, “The History of Indian Point: From the Kitchawonk Tribe to the Closure of the Nuclear Power Plant,” on Sunday, Oct. 25 at 2 p.m. at the Hendrick Hudson Free Library in Montrose.

The program will feature four speakers who will present the history of Indian Point through illustrations and photographs. The speakers will be John Curran, author and Peekskill Museum vice president, Barbara and Wes Gottlock, authors of “Lost Amusement Parks of the Hudson Valley” and Brian Vangor, Entergy control room supervisor.

Curran will highlight the life of the first known inhabitants, the Kitchawonk Tribe. Through commentary featuring photographs, Barbara and Wes Gottock will trace the emergence from a recreational park into an amusement park frequented by patrons from New York City, many of whom arrived by boat. The final part of the program will detail the purchase of the property by Con Edison and eventual development and construction of one of the first nuclear power plants in the country.

The afternoon’s activities are open to the public at no charge; however, a suggested tax-deductible donation to the Peekskill Museum is encouraged and appreciated.

In keeping with current state requirements, participants must wear a face mask and social distancing will be followed.

The Peekskill Museum, located at 124 Union Ave. in downtown Peekskill, receives no public funds and depends entirely on membership fees and donations. It is operated entirely by volunteers and is open to visitors on Saturdays from 1 to 4 p.m. or by appointment.

The museum’s mission is to collect, preserve, study and display objects and documents pertaining to Peekskill’s history and the immediate surrounding area as well as to offer information about Peekskill and the region’s history through exhibits and programs.

The Hendrick Hudson Free Library is located at 185 Kings Ferry Rd. in Montrose.


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