Our National Anthem: Why is it Played?

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Revolutionary War: 4,435 died for our independence.

War of 1812: 2,260 died for our independence.

Indian Wars: 1,000 died for our independence.

Mexican War: 13,283 died for our independence.

Civil War: 498,332 died to save our Union.

Spanish-American War: 2,446 died for our protection.

World War I: 116,516 died in The War to End All Wars.

World War II: 405,399 died making the world safe for democracy.

Korean War: 36,516 died in U.N. police action.

Vietnam War: 58,220 died advising and supporting South Vietnamese troops.

Persian Gulf War: 1,565 died kicking Iraq out of Kuwait.

Global War on Terror: 6,852 died in response to 9/11.

“And they who for their Country-die, shall fill an Honored Grave,

for Glory lights the soldier’s tomb, and beauty weeps the Brave.”

–Joseph Rodman Drake

Joe Pettit
Yorktown Heights

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