North Castle Town Board Candidates Keep Ballots Lines

In separate court rulings made in state Supreme Court in White Plains earlier this week,, two Democrats and two Republican candidates for the North Castle Town Board will be allowed to stay on the September primary ballot.

Incumbent Republican candidates John Cronin and Diane DiDonato-Roth, who were not endorsed by the town GOP, were placed back on the ballot after state Supreme Court Judge Robert DiBella ruled their petitions were valid, Jeffrey Binder, the attorney representing Cronin and DiDonato-Roth, said. The dispute was over the year printed on the petitions, which were changed by hand from 2010 to 2013.

In a separate action, Judge Joan Lefkowitz denied a request from Democrat Anthony Futia, who challenged the petitions of the two town Democratic Party-endorsed town board candidates Jose Berra and Barry Reiter, Berra said last week. Futia had argued that he and the rest of the town Democrats, who voted unanimously to endorse Berra and Reiter, did not know at the time that the two candidates were both not affiliated with any political party.

For a full report, see the Aug. 6 issue of The Examiner.