New York Times Showcases Examiner+ in Coverage


The New York Times showcased the launch of Examiner Media’s new digital newsmagazine Examiner+ on Oct. 5, citing the publication as an example of an industry effort to seek subscription support from readers online. 

Examiner+, which debuted on Oct. 5, is an in-depth news and lifestyle online magazine published on the Substack email newsletter platform. 

The article discusses Examiner Media’s partnership with Substack. Examiner+ newsmagazine is the first effort by an existing print/web newspaper to start a new publication on the Substack platform. 

“In creating a subscription publication for Substack, Examiner Media is testing whether a company known mainly for its ad-supported community newspapers — a sector of the media business that has struggled greatly in recent decades — can find success by asking readers to pay for news content online,” New York Times media reporter Marc Tracy observed in his coverage

In the article, Tracy quotes Examiner Media Digital Editorial Director Robert Schork discussing the centrality of distinguishing the outlet’s newspaper and website coverage from its digital newsmagazine content.

“It can’t just be a rehash of what we’re already serving up in print,” Schork remarked.

New York Times article:

Readers receive Examiner+ coverage in sections delivered directly to their email inboxes throughout the week, including News+Issues, Eat+Drink, Life+Style, Q+A, and Views+Voices. On Saturdays, E+ distributes its Weekend+ Edition, which contains that week’s entire issue of stories, plus additional content.

In its first two days, the five-day per week Examiner+ highlighted its effort to report on meaty issues as well as cover the lighter side, with articles on Westchester’s vulnerability to climate change as well as a piece on eating vegan in Westchester.

Readers can subscribe to Examiner+ here:


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