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New Theatrical Troupe Puts Out “Call for Actors”

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White Plains has a new theatrical troupe, The New Stage Players, founded by local columnist and playwright Dr. Richard Cirulli.

All of Cirulli’s plays will revolve around mental illness in the hope of raising awareness and money to fight this unpopular group of diseases as well as to help eliminate the many taboos associated with them. According to Cirulli, the motivation for his plays is the result of having lost a number of friends and family to mental illness.

The troupe’s first play “Via Delorosa” is a moving drama about a middle-class family during the height of the turbulent and rebellious 1960s. The play’s main character, Dee, is a mother in denial of her illness, who is also in conflict with her radical and intellectual teenaged son. The drama is set during a time of rebellion, youthful angst, prejudice, drugs, rock and roll, the sexual revolution, and changing societal mores. The play also examines the underlying personal issues of deception, doubt, entrapment, fear, prejudice, and eventual painful liberation.

The main character will be played by Dr. Benna Strober, who, along with her impressive acting resume is also a child psychologist. Like Cirulli, she is passionate about using the power of the stage as a medium to shed light on how untreated mental illness affects not only its victims, but their families and loved ones as well.

Cirulli said he is most fortunate to have Benna take the lead role of the play. The troupe has assembled a very impressive cast that includes, Charley Riggs who also will be directing, along with his wife Carmel. The couple collectively has extensive experience in directing and performing in plays in New York City. Newcomer and White Plains resident, Kier Alexander, has been cast in the role of the protagonist.

The play’s first reading will be held at the White Plains Performing Arts Center, located on the third floor of White Plains City Center, on October 3, at 7 p.m. Cirulli underscores the point that the entire cast is working pro bono to support the cause. He has also sent out a call to actors, volunteers, and sponsors to help support the mission of assisting a humanity in distress.

Cirulli can be reached at

Richard Cirulli writes the “Boomerang” column for The White Plains Examiner.

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