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Mother Nature Controls Climate Change, Not Humans

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When it is proposed to discuss or indoctrinate students into climate change, shouldn’t there be a baseline as to the ideal climate period for comparison?

When was it, the great Ice Age, which ended 10,000 years ago, the Medieval warm period, which lasted 500 years, the “little ice age” of the Middle Ages, the 1930s warm period or the 1950s/’60s/’70s cold period which followed?
When did the Earth ever experience a “normal” period as its climate is effected by the Earth’s distance, tilt and wobble as it orbits the sun and the sun’s solar periods?

The natural cause is Mother Mature over which humans have no control. Do humans control the Sahara winds that generate hurricanes in the Americas?

Do humans control the jet stream, which generates the weather conditions in the United States? Do humans control the Pacific Ocean, which generates the cyclical El Nino weather conditions in the United States?

Let’s analyze the climate:

Drought and forest fires in the Western U.S. cause climate change.

Torrential rains, floods and tornadoes in the mid- and Eastern U.S. cause climate change.
Torrential rains, floods in Europe cause climate change.
Drought in Australia causes climate change.
It is, has been and always will be Mother Nature at work and humans have no way to change it.

Patrick Mosman


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