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Martial Arts Unlimited, Yorktown

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: Davin Sessa of Mahopac (left) and William Connolly of Somers are co-owners of Martial Arts Unlimited in Yorktown.
Photo credit: Neal Rentz

Since 2013, Martial Arts Unlimited in Yorktown has provided more than just martial arts training. It has also been providing guidance in positive life skills.

Martial Arts Unlimited is an independent business that is co-owned by Davin Sessa of Mahopac and William Connolly of Somers.

The main focus of Martial Arts Unlimited is Taekwondo, which originated in Korea. “It’s been practiced for a couple of thousand years now,” Sessa noted last week. “In the last decade it actually became an Olympic sport. “

“Taekwondo has a lot of footwork involved. So, the practice is around a lot of kicking techniques,” Sessa said. “If you look at karate it’s a little more focused on hand techniques. Judo is a little more of throwing and being on the ground. Taekwondo is more of a standup art.”

Sessa, who also teaches at his facility, has been practicing Taekwondo since the age of five. “I’m thankful to have had some great instructors over my lifetime,” he said. “I noticed the benefits of Taekwondo personally when I went away to college when most kids are totally free to do whatever they want to do with no parental supervision. And seeing how a lot of people acted and I saw how I was able to be responsible. I did all my homework. I had my fun too, but I always did my work first.”

Sessa said Taekwondo teaches valuable life skills. “It helps a lot of people with confidence. We talk about respect. In someone’s first class we talk about respect. We talk about self-control.  We talk about cooperation. We talk about perseverance,” he said. “Parents are very on board with our discussions that we have with all of the students.”

Classes are for children four and up and adults, Sessa said. Sessa noted he and his partner chose the Yorktown location because “The stars aligned for this place.”

Sessa, who has a financial practice in the daytime, was in a business meeting and some of his clients who own the Old Tomahawk St. building said space was available.

Most of the facility’s customers live in Yorktown and Somers, Sessa said.

Sessa said he and his partner had straightforward goals for their business. “We’re just always looking to expand and get to the next stage,” he said. “We’re just looking to acquire more students each and every month and each and every year.”

Martial Arts Unlimited is located at 2 Old Tomahawk St. in Yorktown. For more information call 914-479-5151, visit or send an e-mail to The business also has a Facebook page.



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