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Maple Hill Family Dentistry, Yorktown

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White Plains resident Dr. Matt Guarino explained recently that the dental practice on Maple Hill Street in Yorktown has been in operation since 1967 and has on occasion changed ownership.

In May 2018, Guarino took ownership of Maple Hill Family Dentistry, replacing Mahopac resident Dr. Michael Schwartz, who retired.

Guarino explained he wanted to own the Yorktown practice because it is in a suburban location, similar to the area near Boston where he grew up. Yorktown is “a nice community” and “a good place to raise a family,” he said.

“I saw this practice and it seemed like a very well-run practice and it had a good clientele with a lot of patients,’ Guarino said. “It just kind of fit everything I was looking for.”  Most patients stayed with him when he took over the practice, Guarino noted.

Guarino became a dentist in 2016.  “I always liked science growing up,” he recalled. “I like using my hands. I like health care, helping people, running my own business was always a passion. It just kind of collected a bunch of different interests that I have that kind of made it all fit.”

“We are a family practice. We treat from kids to the geriatric and everywhere in between,” Guarino said.

Guarino said his practice offers “the whole gamut” of services, including oral surgery, implant placements, root canals, fillings, crowns and cleanings.  “We prefer to keep everyone under one roof so they don’t have to bounce between different offices,” he said.

Guarino said he has made upgrades during his first year of ownership of the practice. “We’ve invested in the latest in technology,” he said. “I really believe in giving patients the most pain-free, quickest treatment we can.”

Guarino explained how he works with patients afraid of going to a dentist. “It’s just normalizing their fear, knowing that it’s very normal to feel this way,” he said. “Building a trust is a way to get them to kind of forget where they are for the time that they are here.”

He said he emphasizes having patients treated as scheduled. “I strictly enforce the no-wait policy,” he said. “I want the office to be comfortable. I want to office to be a good experience.”

Guarino said most of his patients come from Yorktown and such surrounding areas, including Somers, Peekskill and Mahopac.

“I like promoting our office,” Guarino said. “I believe we have the best office in town.”

Guarino said he receives much gratification from his work, especially from helping a patient who has not gone to a dentist for several years. “They have a whole new perspective,” he said. “It really changes their life in a lot of ways.”

Maple Hill Family Dentistry is located at 2000 Maple Hill St., #201, in Yorktown. For more information, call 914-241-5889, send an e-mail to or visit

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