Mailer Revealed Multiple Shortcomings in Candidate’s Arguments

Recently I received a letter and brochure from a town resident who is running for a seat on the North Castle Town Board. He portrays himself as a successful New York City businessman, who is running to correct shortcomings in the present board’s governance.

The first shortcoming (repeated several times) is to stop “Block Voting.” Is block voting code for deep state? Isn’t it possible that Town Board members discuss issues and arrive at a consensus whereby they vote together?

Another shortcoming that needs correcting is reference to the “overbearing” building inspector, who slows down the whole permit-to-construction process. Perhaps the process can be streamlined, but why take a personal shot at a town employee?

And the state of our parks and playing fields are a source of embarrassment to this candidate. Visits to away games at nearby towns finds that the grass is always greener somewhere else. Why be condescending towards our Parks Department?

A successful businessman who knows what is best for the town and will change things for the better? Haven’t we heard this before? How about a new slogan, Make Armonk Great Again.

Robert Cappio


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