Luzio’s Perspective, New Ideas is Refreshing in Mt. Kisco Mayoral Primary

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I am writing to share my reflections on last week’s Mount Kisco Democratic mayoral primary debate between Tom Luzio and Lisa Abzun. As a Democratic district leader and an engaged member of this community, I witnessed firsthand the diametric dissimilar views and ideas of the candidates during the debate, which was hosted by the League of Women Voters.

First, I commend both candidates for their commitment to public service and their willingness to engage in a healthy democratic process. It is refreshing to see new faces like Tom Luzio entering the local political arena, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. His passion for our town and dedication to addressing its challenges were evident throughout the debate.

Lisa Abzun, a trustee on the Village Board, seemed to be out of touch with the issues affecting our community (protection from cellular communication companies, protecting the environment and open spaces, pedestrian safety and the crumbling infrastructure of our streets and sidewalks). Her dedication to the Mount Kisco Arts Council and work with young artists is commendable and appreciated by the community, but does not translate well, in my opinion, to governing.

During the debate, several critical issues were discussed, ranging from community development and infrastructure, ethics and transparency to public safety. Both candidates presented their visions for Mount Kisco’s future, sharing their plans and ideas to foster economic growth, enhance quality of life and ensure inclusivity within our diverse community.

I encourage all Mount Kisco residents to engage with the candidates, attend public forums and review their policy platforms. It is crucial to exercise our democratic right and cast our votes based on careful consideration of each candidate’s qualifications, values and proposed initiatives (not who has lived in Mount Kisco longer). In speaking with Mr. Luzio, I learned that he has worked in government for over 30 years for both Democrats and Republicans (20 of which were right here in Westchester County).

In the end, the primary process allows us to strengthen our democracy by fostering healthy competition, encouraging open dialogue and promoting transparency. Let us remember that regardless of our individual preferences, the ultimate goal is to elect a mayor who will lead Mount Kisco with integrity, accountability and a genuine commitment to the well-being of our community.

Kathy Feeney
Mount Kisco

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