Looking Forward to Latimer’s Commitment to Constituents in Congress

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I have had the honor and privilege of getting to know George Latimer over the last three years. I would like to offer the following comments in support of George’s candidacy for Congress.

I am a native of the Fordham section of the Bronx, where I resided for 25 years. Both of my parents migrated here from Italy in order to seek a better life as most international migrants continue to do and have done for decades. Like other parents, they did what they could to keep me safe and provide me with opportunities to continue their legacy.

Growing up I often looked toward Westchester County as a place where I dreamed of raising my family. As an alumnus of Archbishop Stepinac High School, I was exposed to the opportunities Westchester had to offer.

Once I moved to Westchester as an adult, I desired to serve the community in which I lived. Working at the Westchester County Attorney’s Office has provided me that opportunity and has also given me the chance to work with like-minded individuals like George Latimer. Whether at a formal public event, an office holiday party or simply catching the morning elevator ride to our respective offices, George is always his humble and caring self.

I have been in awe of his unwavering commitment and passion to serve the people of Westchester County and beyond. He cares about the people he speaks with, no matter the size of the crowd – even if it is you and him during a morning elevator ride to begin the workday or the evening elevator ride to end the day. He is committed to getting to know you and the issues you care about. He is genuine, relatable and cares deeply about the most pressing issues both domestically and internationally.

For example, I can recall catching the elevator with him one evening and asking about a recent trip he took to Israel. George relayed his experience in a way that showed sensitivity and perspective with respect to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. He had a grounded view and was deeply motivated to provide me with perspective that I wouldn’t otherwise have myself. That elevator conversation further exemplified to me George’s commitment to understanding and finding solutions to the issues and concerns that are most relevant in our current culture and time.

As Westchester County Executive, George has committed himself to addressing the issues that are most important for county residents. If elected to Congress, I know that George will remain committed to representing his constituents and forging stronger bonds between individuals or groups with varying perspectives. His unique and personal approach to creating relationships and connecting with others will only stand to further strengthen our country.

Gianfranco Arlia
White Plains

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