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Local photog captures magical moment in Yorktown

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Pic of special Springsteen tribute band fan tells more than 1,000 words

As a written word journalist, it can be humbling to watch a photographer cover a story, and blow your 1,000 words away with one riveting image.

That thought crossed my mind when I received a text this morning from the great Art Nelson, with a link to the images he took Sunday when attending the “Tramps Like Us” performance in Yorktown

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While all of his photos are fantastic, the Mt. Kisco resident outdid himself with a moment he captured of a special fan enthralled by the soulful music of the Bruce Springsteen tribute band.

“I noticed this young man with Down syndrome sitting near me,” Nelson recounted on Facebook. “He had an old acoustic guitar that he set up on a stand. When the second set began, he took his guitar and went to the stage. The lead singer/guitarist spotted him, and went to his knees at the end of the stage to play next to the young man. I love this photo! Music is the universal language that brings so much joy to so many people.”

In recent years, Art has become an omnipresent force in Mt. Kisco, especially at youth sporting events, volunteering his first-class photog talents to chronicle the exploits of local student-athletes. He also directs his artistic eyes at general community life, from farm markets and parades to concerts and far beyond.

If you’re looking for a role model of how to live your life in service to others, especially in “retirement,” look no further than Art. After retiring from teaching in 2018, Art started volunteering his time to take photographs and videos for anyone who needed them, as a way to give back.

“I love sharing my work, and have made so many friends who appreciate the photos and videos,” Nelson told me. “Every day is an adventure for me, and giving back with my photos and videos has made my life wonderful.”

Art has been snapping photos and shooting videos for about three decades. He ran a small photography and video business while working as a teacher. Art takes special pride in the work he did as the yearbook advisor at Edgemont High School for 15 years, an experience that allowed him to hone his skills as a visual storyteller.

If Art’s photo work wasn’t enough, he’s also a talented musician, and jams on his guitar at occasional local gigs, at places like Mimi’s Coffee House in Mt. Kisco. Check out Art’s excellent YouTube channel to hear him play. https://www.youtube.com/user/clapton39

Also for you social media fiends out there, here’s Art on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/artnelsoncreative/

A mutual friend introduced Art and I last fall, and we’ve been working together ever since to fulfill our shared mission of telling meaningful local stories. I’m always excited to hear each week where Art might be pointing his sharply-focused lens.

One of my favorite new weekly traditions is sharing one of Art’s photos to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Also, this fall our print and digital local sports readers will be the beneficiary of Art on the sidelines at all and sundry local varsity sporting events. I can’t wait to see all the action his camera flash freezes in time for us.

Alright, since a picture can tell 1,000 words, I’ll learn my lesson and cut myself off at about 600 words. Here’s a link to our local news website with more of Art’s photos from Sunday’s show: https://www.theexaminernews.com/community-photo-galleries/nggallery/community-album/tramps-like-us-band-yorktown-heights-august-21-2022



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