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Local Agency Committed to Wellness Changes Name

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After 20 years of dedicated service providing hope and counseling to those in need, the Putnam Family & Community Services center is changing its name to CoveCare Center at the end of July.

With the Carmel community center celebrating their 20-year anniversary, Chief Executive Officer Diane Russo felt they could better reach those in need under a distinct name that reflects the non-profit’s growth, vision, and commitment to recovery and wellness.

“We need to make sure we’re able to reach people who need us,” said Deborah Levin, Director of Development. “We felt confined by the name so hopefully this helps us and the community.”

Russo explained that for years, community members and other agencies either didn’t know they existed or would confused them for other organizations that had a similar name. She added the importance of distinguishing themselves from the crowd, especially with so many unaware of the services they provide.

“We have people dying from drug overdoses. We have people having mental breaks and families in crisis. They don’t know we’re here,” Russo said. “We’re here for the community, we’re a community based agency, and our doors are open to everybody.”

Since their doors opened, the counseling center has improved the physical and mental wellbeing for those with social, behavioral and complex needs. The experienced staff provides an array of services that involve alcohol and substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, health education, crisis response, smoking prevention, rehabilitation, habilitation, family support, and outreach and mobile treatment for seniors.

Russo explained the significance in finding a name that reflects the guidance and support they have always provided and hope to continue to provide.

“A cove is a safe, caring, compassionate, protective, welcoming and accepting place,” she added.

While Russo cited the Dyson Foundation for granting them the opportunity to rebrand their facility, she stressed the need for new donors in order to support their ongoing mission.

“We need support as people’s needs get greater,” Russo said. “We don’t want restrictions on what we do.”

On July 31, CoveCare Center will open their doors where they will continue to dedicate themselves to building a strong, united community where all people are valued, accepted, and empowered to live healthy lives.

“Everyone’s recovery, whether it’s from depression, addiction, bi-polar disorder is a journey and we’re here to make that journey a successful one,” Russo said.

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