Letter to the Editor: Tree Hedges Should Improve the Look of Yorktown and Not Be Reduced

The Garden Club of Yorktown strongly opposes the height reduction of the green hedge that borders the Cablevision property and Route 118.

Our club was founded in 1928 with the specific charter to beautify the town. Our 50-plus members work year-round on the street planters, town gardens and numerous beautification and conservation initiatives. As a club we focus on the green elements in the town and seek to improve the quality of the commercial building landscaping.

A walk along Commerce Street portrays too many examples of commercial buildings with unsightly plantings; even recently approved development. We take our civic duty to safeguard existing green space and improve the overall look of the town very seriously. To reduce the height of the existing trees to facilitate the self-prompting goals of the building renters is detrimental to the overall look of the town.

The existing level of the tree hedge should not be reduced!

Yorktown residents proudly identify the town’s natural beauty, open space and parks as core benefits of living here. The 2010 Town Comprehensive Plan states that the Town should protect our natural resources and promote green building principles whenever possible. To approve the height reduction of the Cablevision trees is contrary to the town’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Executive Committee of the Garden Club of Yorktown


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