Letter to the Editor: To Help Every Student, Vote Mazurek, Matlin for Bedford Board of Ed

Without question, the Bedford Central School District (BCSD) has an incredibly diverse student body consisting of thoughtful, caring and exceptional individuals, an amazing staff of teachers that put each student’s individual needs first and a community of involved families that want every student to succeed.    

I am writing this letter in support of Rob Mazurek and Steven Matlin for the Bedford Board of Education. I view their vision for the district as one of inclusivity for all.  

Some highlights of their campaign include but not limited to: 
  • An understanding of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) discussion that needs to be had and approached the right way to help all of our students and teachers succeed, not in a way that will harm our children with radical teachings and divisive ideas. 
  • Extensive financial and legal experience, each currently serving on the district’s Budget Advisory Committee. 
  • They are parents of children in our elementary, middle and high schools. 
  • An acute understanding the board needs to allocate more funds to address our children’s social and emotional loss because of the COVID-19 pandemic.     
  • They are vocal in their support of all students with disabilities and making sure parents’ voices are heard and necessary services are provided.     
  • A desire to increase support of the arts, music, athletics and enrichment programs to help improve each student’s overall experience in our schools while also focusing on closing the learning gap created by the pandemic.     

Finally, our students’ mental, emotional and academic health has been severely impacted this past year. Rob and Steve understand this and will focus on a budget and policies that will help every student.   

Please join me in casting your vote for Rob Mazurek and Steve Matlin for the BCSD Board of Education on May 18. We need them and our kids need them.

Chris Kramer
Pound Ridge


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