Letter to the Editor: These Are Challenging Times But We Will Emerge Stronger Than Ever

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One of my first memories as a rookie Manhattan prosecutor was meeting my Chief who personified justice only slightly less than Robert Morgenthau and Frank Hogan, the legendary District Attorneys he served under. We were the Spartans, he told us, and whether we realized it or not, together we stood shoulder to shoulder in the Battle of Thermopylae. No matter the adversary, we would fight for and with each other as one family.

Little did we know, that just over a year later, planes would crash into what today is an iconic symbol of fortitude and unity, the World Trade Center. The family that Chief spoke of not just held us together but propelled us through a challenging time.

Although 9/11 was a tragic event of unparalleled magnitude, the comradery and compassion we had for one another as New Yorkers and as a far larger global family fostered our resilience through a terrifying and unknown future. Ultimately, when the smoke cleared, we did not merely survive. Our unity enabled us to flourish.

While our newest enemy, COVID-19, has insidiously crept into our lives in a way none of us could have ever imagined, we face the same frightening uncertainty. However, as scared as we may be, and that is understandable, let facts, not irrational fear, lead the way. With Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the helm all the way down to your New Castle Town Board, know that every elected official, town staff member, first responder, neighbor, friend and even stranger you do not know, stands shoulder to shoulder with you. Yes, we may fall, and the skies may get dark. But we are a family. We will lift each other up and see one another through.

Have no misgivings. The clouds will break, and when they do, we will thrive even greater than before.

Jeremy Saland

Deputy Supervisor, Town of New Castle


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